Friday, March 11, 2005

Highschool blahs

High School gives way to much home work. Yesterday after school I went to Video training class at TCTV (the local accessTV group) That got over at 6:30 then I had to go to Sean's orcastea performance that got over at 9. Then I had to go home and do my home work. I didn't get done untill around 12. First I had to do my Motor Manual for science. I have had two weeks todo it but I never seem to beable to do anything that early. I do my best work the night before its do, I think that its the pressure I put on myslef. After I got that done I had to read 4 chapters from a tale of two cities for English, we are almost done and it is just starting to make sence. I am sort of starting to like it. Then I had to read as much as I could from my mystery book for english. I am reading Funerals are Fatal by Agatha Christie. I'm really likeing it. This weekend I have to make an artsy project for it so persent to the class to tell them what it was about. I also have to clean my room this weekend.
Blah, so much for having fun. I wish it was spring break, or summer...
Love, Oly-Girl


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