Thursday, March 24, 2005

Punk Rockers Know

Sweet words whispered silently to my hair. The secrets never able to leave there. The deaths we played the words that we spoke were all in a play but the love we have goes beyond the stage.
Quick smiles longing glances behide the hat and the bangs.
The black room glows red when you walk in with a bang. But only thu my eyes could I watch the passion that came from the cross.
Reaching in, touching hands, hitting heads, o Cassio. When it happened it happened fast there was no time to think you had me in just one tiny wink. We went to a show. Your tight pants how they glowed. You knelt down and called to me "on the count of 3 jump". You grasped my warm hand and pulled me in tight as we jumped into the stale pink light. Once up in the air we could see all around then landed on the stage, pushed the band to the ground. We renacted a play where true love was found. When it was us up there on one was around.
You were dieing I was sad. I went to your side confessed my undying love to you for the punk rockers standing around. They watched with an unblinking gaze as two people kissed on a stage.
You came back to life jumped up and spun around grabbed my hands as we fell laughing to the ground. The rockers watching from below let out a cry of hope and joy there hard faces cracked and smilies could be seen for miles and miles.
We welcomed the band back up on the stage, they nodded and sent us on our way. Our gaze was strong our giggles held in tight and we pranced off into the fresh morning light.
We awoke on a bed that was soft as a cloud. The wind in the trees, the birds in the sky, with you in my arms the world felt alright.

Sara Z


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