Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Erin's songs

Erin's Stain Glass Box

Breath Gone, Wave on the sand, Memory in the stain glass box held in your hand.
The wishes made early that day seem silly now.
Move the hands on the clock, Take time to stop and talk.
What way is the wind blowing, Where will the tree fall in this storm we are now living.
Told to dance when no ones looking.
Fall in love
and Never leave early.
Glittering eyes lost in a rain storm dripping down into the drain.
But the smile on her face is the one that is cared for held in the picture that hang on the door.
Sharp pain dulled by the memories locked in the box.
The key to be found only when heaven knocks.
When one door closes another opens.
Keep the box. Never let it get dusty.
Hold on to it like you would a kite.
One that can slip away when your not looking.

-A Kiss Good Bye-

Alone under the gray-blue sky.
The gray ground stretched out beneath you.
Gray, like the thoughts in your mind.
Mixed up. Tangled like the ball of yarn left in the drawer to long.
Head in your hands. Trying to understand the reasons why.
Why a man like you can't stop his cries.
Pushing away every one around.
Not knowing how to face this small town.
Your feet moving but you don't know how.
You find the picture of that glowing girl you once held safe in your arms.
You stare emotionless, not believing she's gone.
A kiss good bye is all you have left to do.
The mourning is still very new.
You lean in with one single tear held in your eye and kiss the glass and tell her good bye.

For Justin :heart:


Erin with the shiny eyes.
The smile that could light up a room.
Who gave me so much infomation about how my life would bloom.
My partner in crime the summer before.
My coffee pot fairy sent from the moon.
The Techno dance queen who made me jealous because her moves where so much better.
The squirrel that would visit ran really funny we watched him like he was the energizer bunny.
Erin who felt like a best friend.
Was meant to be here 'till her end.
Erin with the Shiny eyes and a Smile that could light up the sky.

Sara Z


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