Monday, April 25, 2005

Hold on Tight.

Open your eyes not your mouth, learn to feel.
Feel Whats real. The wind and water not in books.
Open your heart, stop and look.
Spin out of control like the waves on the sand.
Don't know when its going to happen.
Watch and learn the land.
The big and the small all live in the trees,
The mermaids, camels and the bees.
Don't be scared of the cows,
There just like you only
They moo.
Drink and Sing act like a queen.
You only live once, ride the bus.
Or walk don't ride.
The world is quite when there's
no sound just the wisper of the
worms in the ground.
When you eat taste it all,
Dance in the rain watch it fall.
The smoke stacks can't be your friend,
Hold on until the very end.
We were all Jelly fish once
Be kind and keep the whole world in
So, Listen and learn and don't be sad
were all here to hold your

Dedicated to Erin D.
April 25, 2005
We love you, You were amazing.

Sara Z


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