Friday, April 29, 2005

Punk Bad Ass

Punk is just a crazy Clique.
Punk ain't what is was meant to be.
Boys with leather jackets call them selves punk.
Girls with combat boot aren't much better,
cause you can buy it all at Hot Topic.
Punk was a way of life, of thinking of living.
Not a fashion statement you could buy at the mall.
Punk meant doing it your way- Not following standards.
Now theres rules for these new punk kids.
You want the punk bad ass label then still some enery drinks at the 7-11.
because ain't bad, there just not like you.
They do what they wanna do.
They'll die there hair blue and laugh at you when you say its cool.
They are going to do what they think is right. They'll stand up for it and prolly get in a fight.
Punk is doing things your way.
Living life the way it's meant to be lived.
These new punk kids gotta get it right.
And learn what punk life is really like.

Sara Z


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