Friday, April 29, 2005

Punk Bad Ass

Punk is just a crazy Clique.
Punk ain't what is was meant to be.
Boys with leather jackets call them selves punk.
Girls with combat boot aren't much better,
cause you can buy it all at Hot Topic.
Punk was a way of life, of thinking of living.
Not a fashion statement you could buy at the mall.
Punk meant doing it your way- Not following standards.
Now theres rules for these new punk kids.
You want the punk bad ass label then still some enery drinks at the 7-11.
because ain't bad, there just not like you.
They do what they wanna do.
They'll die there hair blue and laugh at you when you say its cool.
They are going to do what they think is right. They'll stand up for it and prolly get in a fight.
Punk is doing things your way.
Living life the way it's meant to be lived.
These new punk kids gotta get it right.
And learn what punk life is really like.

Sara Z

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Erin's songs

Erin's Stain Glass Box

Breath Gone, Wave on the sand, Memory in the stain glass box held in your hand.
The wishes made early that day seem silly now.
Move the hands on the clock, Take time to stop and talk.
What way is the wind blowing, Where will the tree fall in this storm we are now living.
Told to dance when no ones looking.
Fall in love
and Never leave early.
Glittering eyes lost in a rain storm dripping down into the drain.
But the smile on her face is the one that is cared for held in the picture that hang on the door.
Sharp pain dulled by the memories locked in the box.
The key to be found only when heaven knocks.
When one door closes another opens.
Keep the box. Never let it get dusty.
Hold on to it like you would a kite.
One that can slip away when your not looking.

-A Kiss Good Bye-

Alone under the gray-blue sky.
The gray ground stretched out beneath you.
Gray, like the thoughts in your mind.
Mixed up. Tangled like the ball of yarn left in the drawer to long.
Head in your hands. Trying to understand the reasons why.
Why a man like you can't stop his cries.
Pushing away every one around.
Not knowing how to face this small town.
Your feet moving but you don't know how.
You find the picture of that glowing girl you once held safe in your arms.
You stare emotionless, not believing she's gone.
A kiss good bye is all you have left to do.
The mourning is still very new.
You lean in with one single tear held in your eye and kiss the glass and tell her good bye.

For Justin :heart:


Erin with the shiny eyes.
The smile that could light up a room.
Who gave me so much infomation about how my life would bloom.
My partner in crime the summer before.
My coffee pot fairy sent from the moon.
The Techno dance queen who made me jealous because her moves where so much better.
The squirrel that would visit ran really funny we watched him like he was the energizer bunny.
Erin who felt like a best friend.
Was meant to be here 'till her end.
Erin with the Shiny eyes and a Smile that could light up the sky.

Sara Z

Monday, April 25, 2005

Hold on Tight.

Open your eyes not your mouth, learn to feel.
Feel Whats real. The wind and water not in books.
Open your heart, stop and look.
Spin out of control like the waves on the sand.
Don't know when its going to happen.
Watch and learn the land.
The big and the small all live in the trees,
The mermaids, camels and the bees.
Don't be scared of the cows,
There just like you only
They moo.
Drink and Sing act like a queen.
You only live once, ride the bus.
Or walk don't ride.
The world is quite when there's
no sound just the wisper of the
worms in the ground.
When you eat taste it all,
Dance in the rain watch it fall.
The smoke stacks can't be your friend,
Hold on until the very end.
We were all Jelly fish once
Be kind and keep the whole world in
So, Listen and learn and don't be sad
were all here to hold your

Dedicated to Erin D.
April 25, 2005
We love you, You were amazing.

Sara Z

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Red Sheep Wander

Seeping over the wall like water out of a bowl.
The plants stop when you watch them grow.
The wind kisses the trees like a babys hand.
The gentle stream flows away from the land.
The sweet song we've heard from way down below the mermaids and nyphs are all aglow.

Alone on the island away from all pain the only sound heard is this new game we play. Silent sheep wander over lush green hills never to learn the meaning of pills.
Sitting alone in the dark on your bed lets your mind wander to days before now.

Wander on, wander on, wander on the water never stops flowing the waves never ending the blood always dripping the pills always popping.

The wander sheep never to cry never to know what it feels like to lie.
The pain that they bring the memories that erase.
The tears that I feel, never to care.

Soft words that are wisperd from the dark water of the bath, the scum and the ruins from the people of the past.
The thumping in my veins of the blood slowing down make me wish I knew away to leave this town. The people always stareing always asking why. But never to learn the reasons I cry.
The cars rolling by the sun going down these changes I've never had around. Locked in my room. The key to my soul was lost in the sea so very long ago. The dark of the night like the morning I see, the wind blowing thu the thin wispy trees.

The smile that never is seen is lost in the grass by the little red stream.
The sheep that never could be found hide in my mind away from the town.
The world that was hide there away from all pain was cushionedby the pills that went down my drain.

Wander on, wander on, wander on the water never stops flowing the waves nevre ending the blood always dripping the pills always popping.

The wandering sheep float thu my mind in the dark of my room in the cold of my crys.

Sara Z